Broken Spring Replacement

madison spring repair

Broken Spring Replacement – For a standard garage door spring the average life expectancy of 12-15 years (depending on usage and preservation). You will most likely have one of two kinds of springs. Either torsion springs that will be precisely  above the garage door when closed. Or Extension Spring that will be along either side of the track your garage door runs on. Torsion springs are dangerous to replace without the proper tools,experience, and knowledge. Putting the wrong combination of springs on your garage door will result in premature breakage and put unnecessary stress on your garage opener. Extension springs,while easier to replace they have more attachments and accessories involved. There should be a safety cable through the spring to scale-down the risk of the spring flying across the garage and injuring someone or causing damage to a vehicle.

Springs are undoubtedly the most important part in the garage door mechanism and take the most compelling role in raising and lowering your garage door.  The springs entire purpose is to combat the door’s weight by either a counter torque in a torsion spring system or a counter stretch in an extension spring system. This makes for smooth operating to move up and down either manually or by a low powered electrical motor.

Every time you close the garage door the springs stretch or unwind, and every time you open the door they release. The springs stretch and release many times in one day,and throughout the year, for many years. After putting in so much work, eventually just like many other things the springs will break and give in.

At Mark’s Garage door repair, our technicians are true experts at replacing any spring you may have. With prompt and professional service we would be overjoyed to come to your home and replace your broken spring.

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